The BIG day!

It has almost been 5 months since the big day!

I thought that I would just finish this blog off with the best send off – The BIG day.

Our day started with – well, actually the day before started with this:

Yum cha with my family, took my cousins around Auckland, buying flowers for our parents, going to Spotlight to get some helium balloons, back to my friends house to drop-off the flowers and balloons, dropped off our decorations at Hammerheads… and after dinner went to the apartments with my bridesmaids…got there at 11pm..settled down.. and we decided to… EAT KFC.

Like my sister said on facebook “You know you have the best bridal party when you all decide to go drive-thru KFC instead of getting beauty sleep the night before the wedding :)”

I managed to get a lot of sleep – then we woke up, had breakfast and watched Batman (the cartoon) until our Make-up and hair people arrived.

I really enjoyed the morning – it was really stress free until we got a call from our Alarm company saying that it has been set off – luckily that got sorted..I was a bit stressed but thought no – I’m not going to worry about it.

And then my husband-to-be texted me to say his car won’t start…

For some reason, I still wasn’t stressed… Maybe I knew that there was no point and so we continued on getting ready.



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