Just before the BIG Day..

Time to dust off the cobwebs that might have settled since my last post..

A lot had happened before our big day as you could imagine.. I had my Hen’s party and a girls day out.. and we also had more pre-wedding photos done – this time at the beach.

It was A LOT of fun although it was quite cold and windy (trying to not get blown away on top of the rock was a challenge).  I was glad we got into the water! So here are a few of our pre-wedding photos…

Alongside the organising, I had also stumbled across some personalised  coat hangers that I thought would be a good idea to give to my two bridesmaids. Because of the timing, she couldn’t make them to send over to NZ so luckily we had our best man coming over and ended up doing it on time. I found them on etsy – but it looks like she has got a facebook page too: http://www.facebook.com/Vinyleyours. I wish that I had taken a photo of them before they all split – so we will have to wait for the official photos.

The most fun part of the planning is finding little treasures and ideas like this. Going through websites like Etsy and Pinterest helped a lot. Great ideas for those who love DIY.

And now.. I’m excited about our photos from our actual day! Had a sneak peek the other day – smiles all over again!


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