Something different..

This is not a wedding post but I thought that since I had an awesome weekend, I would like to share it.

This year was the first time I volunteered as crew. I was thankful I had my fiancé, and two of my friends to help out as well. We ended up with the glam job of looking after the rubbish in the village area. It was such an amazing experience. At the time, it was really hard work especially in the sun. I got a nice tan – manage to still get tan marks (lighter this year) even though I was wearing a t-shirt most of the time. Saturday was our 8 hour day and probably the busiest day of the festival. Our team aim was “to be one of the cleanest festivals in the world” and to “recycle at least 40% of the rubbish”. I hope we have met that. Artists have mentioned that they are surprised at how clean the place is – all thanks to the volunteers!

I think I surprised myself at how many bins we managed to sort and empty. Some were really heavy but once your mind is on the job and knowing why you are doing it, you forget about everything else. All the coffee, chocolate, half eaten food falls on you but at that time you just want to get the bin out so people don’t throw rubbish everywhere.

I have met so many new people and I think they are amazing. On our team was two boys (Aidan and Dan) and they worked so hard. Even when it wasn’t their shift, they would be cleaning. I also saw all the energy and efforts of the main crew – they were there setting up since last Saturday! They worked so hard just so that the 30,000 punters can enjoy the ‘3 day’ festival.

I felt really bad how year after year, I was relatively comfy going to the festival, enjoying what it offered but then so much is happening behind the scenes. The crew can’t go to see what they want to see. They have given up their whole weekend – some for 10+ years.

AND I’ve decided to test out this new theme to see how it goes!


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