So for the past month I have been part of a cake competition. Was quite exciting and at times like this you really appreciate the people around you. The competition involved getting the most number of “LIKES” on our photo and also Miss Melicious‘ page. I have heard really good things about her cupcakes (still need to get round to ordering some myself!). The competition has now ended and unfortunately we didn’t win BUT to our surprise, Miss Melicious offered to all contestant a wedding cake/cupcakes up to $300!! It is so amazing how some people can be so generous.  I am also really touched by this whole experience where everyone had adopted it as their own competition as well. They always used the words “WE” / “OURS” rather than your competition. So now I have to look for a cake that I want!

And this is going towards my goal of having a wedding on a budget and not having to slave labour my kind friends! 🙂

I am thinking something chocolate? Could possibly experiment a bit since Miss Melicious is good at that!


Something like our competition photo. Nice and simple.

So after my final assessment (YAY!) I will go on to more cake research!!


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