Make-up and Asian eyes..

It’s been a while since I have last posted something.. A topic that I have sort of been thinking about is make up and Asian eyes. This came up in a conversation with my colleague when I was explaining to her how some Asian eyes are different. I’m not a big make up person – my sister is probably best to comment but I have been ‘told’ that I do need to find an Asian person to do my make up because they can make my eyes as big as possible. This post is probably more to amuse my colleagues more than anything.

Asian people, or maybe more correctly Chinese, Koreans and Japanese in particular have always wanted the “European” look so in recent times, there have been two/three things that have aided with that. The first thing is that some, like myself, do not have a ‘double eyelid’ (the crease on the eyelid) and that makes the eyes look smaller. As I mentioned in my other post, when I was in China, the make up lady gave up and said she can’t make my eyes any bigger. Typically, you can buy these stickers to create the crease (admittedly I did try this for a while  when they first came out). Then with clever make up you can cover this and give the impression of  bigger eyes. More recently, there are these contact lenses called circle lens, that have been designed to give the ‘dolled up’ look. Doing a bit of research, finding thousands of pages on tutorials on how to make your eyes bigger, how to apply the double eyelid glue/sticker etc it is amazing how these two products could make such a transformation.

The sad thing is.. in some countries girls actually go under the knife to get the double eyelid surgery..and their parents encourage it too!

Anyway..enough of me writing about it.. here are some pictures.

The first three are of me – one with my ‘normal’ minimal makeup look, one without photoshop but with the sticker and the next is the photoshopped.. then there are the ‘typical’ make-overs..

I think there is only a slight difference in my eyes (she did give up on me) but you be the judge..


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