Finding a venue was probably the next biggest task..


For us, it was relatively simple. We had decided on a church wedding so we had a few things we looked for in finding the right church.

  • It had to fit the right number of people – about 300-400
  • Being wooden was a bonus
  • We didn’t want to have a modern church as such – we really love the feel of older churches
  • Was quite simple in their requirements – we could choose our the Pastor/Minister as our celebrant, did not require us to use their organist, could play our own music etc
So we decided on St George’s Epsom as the venue for our ceremony. We pretty much grew up there so that was also a bonus.
Our other pick would have been St Mark’s Remuera but unfortunately it is too small.
St Marks Anglican Church, Remuera, Auckland, New Zealand
This part was quite fun. Our (well mine anyway) one must have is a dance floor. The second is a place that could sit 200 people at a reasonable cost. We decided to target hotels and most of them either self-eliminated themselves because it was too expensive or booked out already (note: The Heritage should probably be booked at least 1.5 years in advance! I asked about 1.2 years in advance and it was booked already :(). The fun part of this is being able to see all the menus, the different pricing, the bits part of the packages and of course the site visit. The not so fun part was emailing all the hotels – a lot of copy and pasting was done and it took a while to do. For a decent package, you would be looking at about $120 per head some including drinks and some not.
The hotels we looked at were:
Our three choices were Rendezvous, Waipuna and Langham – however finding a reception place felt like finding a home. You can tell whether you like it or not just by walking in. In the end, they weren’t really “us” so we had moved onto restaurants.
I don’t know what happened – think I was talking to a good friend (Viv) one night and “stumbled” upon Hammerheads. At first I was worried about the food options (some of my guests won’t eat fish, lamb or steak..) but then later decided to ask if I could get them changed. The Functions manager Paula was super friendly and really easy to deal with. It’s a shame that the restaurant caught on fire in Feb so is now going through renovations.

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