Slight change of topic. A question I have been asked a lot is..”are you nervous?”. My answer has always been no. Why they ask all surprised. Partly because I have most things organised but partly because I am sure about what I am doing. Perhaps the better question is “are you excited?” because I definitely am.

I think one important thing to remember is that this YOUR wedding and know that things will probably go wrong on the day or at least not quite to plan. Having been to many weddings with stressed out brides and a whole army of helpers (I love the people from my church!) I think it’s important for brides to be realistic. I think it’s sad that most people are tired by the end of the day that they can’t even enjoy the special day. If you are quite particular about decorations for example, save up for the professionals or choose something easier. For one you won’t be as nervous because you know it’s in good hands and two others can enjoy the wedding. And there are things that are uncontrollable like the weather so that’s why we chose March and to have an indoor wedding, although we would have loved a beach wedding. We live in the famous Auckland where we can get all four seasons in one day, sometimes it would be rain to your left and sunshine to your right. We would be putting extra stress on ourselves because comfort for our guests is very important and I would be thinking about the weather all the time.

Having an awesome wedding planner who is super dooper organise helps too! So I volunteered my eldest sister for this task! 🙂

The only thing I am nervous about is the change. I still can’t imagine what it would be like when I move out. Scary thoughts! What would my life be like without being so close to my sister and parents??


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